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The Lewis Ranch Homes

Copper Mountain
Location2: In Town
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Private Homes

Copper Mountain Luxury Vacation Home -

The Lewis Ranch Homes | 900 Beeler Place, Copper Mountain, CO 80433

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Located on the East side of the Resort in a private gated community the Lewis Ranch Homes are THE ultimate in Luxury Lodging at Copper Mountain - one step above The Cirque!!!

These homes are all recently completed and feature 4 and 5 bedroom properties. As you can see from the photographs they have all of the creature comforts that you would expect in a high caliber home.

The newest and best that Copper has to offer.

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Copper Mountain Luxury Vacation Home

Rate Scale:

The dollar rating (1-10) is calculated on the per person per night "rack" rate for each property based on standard occupancy (2 people per bedroom). However, since we use multiple management companies and also apply the best "Discounts, Hot Deals & Specials" available, this should be used as a guide only. We will ALWAYS search out the best deals for each property for you, our guests.

Unit Types and Sizes
Available at this Property
5 Bed
4 Bed

Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto1Thumb.jpg Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto2Thumb.jpg
Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto3Thumb.jpg Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto4Thumb.jpg
Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto5Thumb.jpg Click for a larger image. CMRLEWISRANCHITWCOLodgingPhoto6Thumb.jpg


Ski Storage - On Site
Ski Storage - On SiteYes
Bell Hop
Bell HopYes
24 Hour Front Desk
24 Hour Front DeskYes
Steam Room - Private
Steam Room - PrivateAll
Hot Tub - Private
Hot Tub - PrivateAll
Internet - Hi Speed In Room
Internet - Hi Speed In RoomAll
Internet - Hi Speed Access
Internet - Hi Speed AccessYes
Laundry facilities - Private
Laundry facilities - PrivateAll
Garage Parking - Private
Garage Parking - PrivateAll
Deck Balcony
Deck BalconyAll rss feed icon
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