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Lagoon Condos and Townhomes

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Condominiums, Townhomes

Colorado Vacation Spot -

The Lagoon Town Homes | Lagoon Drive, Frisco CO 80433

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Your next Colorado Vacation Spot should be Frisco - Summer or Winter this is THE perfect mountain town, everything you could possibly want in a superb location at a fraction of the price...

The Lagoon Townhome complex is located just off of highway 9 and close to both the lake and to our local Walmart and Safeway stores as well as several restaurants/bars and specialty shops. This excellent complex features several lodging choices from 1 to 2 bedroom units up to 4 bedroom private hot tub units.

The complex is on the shuttle route and only minutes from Main Street There are a variety of accommodations and configurations available in this townhome style complex with under unit parking garages.

Both one level and split level set-ups are available.

The complex is serviced by an excellent clubhouse facility with swimming pool, racquet ball courts, hot tubs and sauna. Lagoon Townhomes have been a Frisco favorite for many years.

Colorado Vacation Spot

Rate Scale:

The dollar rating (1-10) is calculated on the per person per night "rack" rate for each property based on standard occupancy (2 people per bedroom). However, since we use multiple management companies and also apply the best "Discounts, Hot Deals & Specials" available, this should be used as a guide only. We will ALWAYS search out the best deals for each property for you, our guests.

Unit Types and Sizes
Available at this Property
4 Bed - Private Hot Tub
3 Bed
2 Bed
1 Bed

Click for a larger image. FRILAGOONBHR&CORMR&MANLodgingPhoto1Thumb.jpg Click for a larger image. FRILAGOONBHR&CORMR&MANLodgingPhoto2Thumb.jpg
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Hot Tub - Private
Hot Tub - PrivateSome
Hot Tub - Common Area
Hot Tub - Common AreaYes
Internet - Hi Speed In Room
Internet - Hi Speed In RoomAll
Internet - Hi Speed Hot Spots
Internet - Hi Speed Hot SpotsYes
Internet - Hi Speed Access
Internet - Hi Speed AccessYes
Sauna - Common Area
Sauna - Common AreaYes
Swimming Pool Access
Swimming Pool AccessYes rss feed icon
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