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Lodging Research:

A nominal fee of $150 will be assessed before we perform "Lodging Finder" accommodation research on behalf of potential clients. The research of all of the units, providers, discounts, surcharges and negotiations to find the best possible properties, and deals, for our guests takes not only detailed local knowledge, but also a lot of time. This research ensures that you get THE BEST property to meet your needs at THE BEST price available out there. This fee will be fully refunded against the final lodging payment made, once a reservation has been completed with The Mountains USA. Thus our services continue to be completely free for our guests. The fee will cover research for one set of dates and the refund will be valid for up to 3 months from the date of the inquiry. Repeat guests will receive complimentary searches for a period of 3 years from a previous lodging reservation. This fee is necessary to prevent spurious inquiries from time wasters and to keep our costs down to better serve our guests.

I hereby authorize "The Mountains USA" to charge my credit card $150 to perform a "Lodging Finder" search on my behalf under the conditions given. rss feed icon
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