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Policies and Procedures

The Mountains USA

Created 01/01/01; Updated: 10/01/03; 11/01/05, 06/26/2006, 10/11/2006, 6/1/2014.

Condo Research: A nominal fee of $150 will be assessed before we perform "Lodging Finder" condo research on behalf of our potential clients. This fee will be fully refunded against the final lodging payment made once a reservation has been completed. Repeat guests will receive complimentary searches for a period of 3 years from a previous lodging reservation. This is necessary to prevent spurious inquiries from time wasters.

Payment: Payment terms and conditions vary by company, and The Mountains USA will charge the same gross rate as would be charged by the lodging or activity company themselves for their services. In effect you will pay the same amount to The Mountains USA as you would pay making the reservation yourself. Thus, The Mountains USA services are at "no additional cost to you".

Turnaround: The Mountains USA will attempt to make all reservations and respond within 24 hours. With timezones, office hours, and holidays, this may occasionally prove impossible, especially where first choice lodging is not available and an equivalent will be found and offered. In most cases however the response time will be significantly shorter.

Personal Service: The Mountains USA may be an on-line service, but it is operated by humans! We can differentiate between duplicate bookings if you click the mouse twice, and are capable of attempting to find acceptable alternatives if your first choice of Lodging/Rental/Activity time slot is unavailable. Always with your prior approval of course!

Bookings: The Mountains USA will strive to meet your vacation needs - where your first choice accommodation, activity or equipment is not available we will hold a reservation option for 24 hours of the closest available product to your stated request. You will be informed of the option via your preferred method of correspondence (e-mail/telephone) and if requested, we will modify your booking accordingly and make the nessecary arrangements on your behalf.

Health: Summit County is located at 9000+ feet above sea level. Some guests may experience altitude sickness. If you have a concern about altitude, consult your physician prior to leaving on your vacation for possible preventative measures. Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered by The Mountains USA, lodging agencies, rental agencies or activity companies for cancellations or curtailments.

Records: The Mountains USA will make the reservations requested on your behalf with the credit card information provided using only secure means.

Pricing: At The Mountains USA we will shop many different lodging companies to search out the best possible pricing and discounts that we can to meet or exceed your needs. Prices displayed on the website are only a small selection of those available. If we can negotiate lower pricing on your behalf, we will, and your credit card will only be charged accordingly. No bookings will be made at any elevated pricing without prior authorization from you.

Lodging Companies

Reservation Policies and Procedures:

These will vary slightly by lodging company and will be stated in your confirmation/authorization documents, but a standard example follows:



All rates displayed are a sample of one lodging company's nightly rack rate for the given property/unit not including any discounts that are offered by the lodging companies. All rates quoted directly (by phone or email) by The Mountains USA for a specific inquiry are also direct lodging company nightly rack rates, but also including any discounts that are offered by the specific lodging companies to "The Mountains USA" or negotiated by "The Mountains USA" on your behalf, unless otherwise specified. The quoted rates may or may not be those displayed on the website. If lower pricing for equivalent units is available we will offer that. If the property/unit is sold out at the displayed lodging company rates and another company with higher nightly rates still has availability then our quote will reflect that change.

Taxes and Surcharges:

All lodging company reservations are subject to a combination of sales tax, lodging tax and a lodging company surcharges. These taxes and charges vary by location and by company. The total amount charged by "The Mountains USA " will be the same as if you booked directly with the lodging company themselves, with the same discounts (if applicable) offered. The total will include all gross taxes and fees that you would be charged for a direct reservation, with the lodging company used.


50% of total balance due at the time of booking. For Holiday season bookings (Xmas), full payment is due by October 1st.

Final Payment:

Due 60 days prior to arrival. For Holiday season bookings (Xmas), full payment is due by October 1st.

Payment By:

Visa, MC, Discover, Certified, Personal or Company Check (No AMEX).


Outside of 60 days, deposit is refundable except for a $100 administration fee and 3.5% per transaction of any monies charged to cover credit card processing fees, the outstanding balance will not be charged.

Inside of 60 days, the paid balance is non-refundable.

For any cancellation, we will attempt to resell the lodging. If the same unit is rebooked for the same/equal terms, partial refund may be issued.


In case of returned or dishonored payments, reservations will be cancelled. Attempts will be made to contact the guest by phone, mail, registered mail, or email. Unpaid reservations will not be honored. Fees may be assessed for returned or dishonored payments.

Unit Specific Requests:

While we will make every attempt to honor specific unit, bedding, or location requests, no guarantees will be offered. If we are informed that your original unit becomes unavailable for whatever reason, we will attempt to contact you and ensure that any alternatives offered are suitable for your requirements.

No Additional Cost:

As a wholesaler of short term lodging, "The Mountains USA " buys large quantities of short term rental units on behalf of our clients. This allows us to access lodging at preferential rates from the various lodging companies with which we contract. We can then offer our reservation services at simply the difference between what you would pay to the lodging company direct (including their gross taxes and fees) and what "The Mountains USA " can access net with each lodging provider (including their net taxes and fees). Thus our reservation services are at no additional cost to you.

Terms and Conditions:

Each Lodging company will have slightly different terms and conditions, but all are fairly similar. A statement of one companies' procedures follows as an example. You will be furnished with specific terms and conditions on your specific reservation.

Incidentals: A credit card imprint is required from all guests upon check-in.

Length of Stay: They cannot refund any monies should you decide to shorten your stay. Availability of lodging will determine if your stay can be extended.

Downgrade/Upgrade: A charge of $100 per downgrade request will be assessed, if the change results in a smaller or less expensive unit. No downgrade will be accepted inside of 30 days of the arrival date. This option is based on availability. If a change is made to a larger or more expensive unit there is no penalty; however, guest will be subject to applicable rate.

Maximum Occupancy: Each unit has it's own maximum occupancy. One rollaway or crib would be allowed in some units over maximum occupancy. A limited number of rollaways and cribs are available at an additional cost.

Check-in & Check-out: All guests shall check-in and check-out at the location indicated on your confirmation letter. Check-in is no earlier than 4:00pm and check-out is no later than 10:00am. Due to housekeeping scheduling and other considerations, please schedule your travel arrangements around their check-in and check-out times.

Room Keys: Only a certain number of keys are allowed per unit, depending on the size of the unit. GUESTS MUST RETURN ALL KEYS TO THE OFFICE AT THE TIME OF CHECK-OUT. Due to security reasons, if a key is lost, stolen or accidentally taken home, they require a complete lock change to the unit. The charge for this is a minimum of $35. This can be paid at the time of check-out or they will automatically deduct the charge from your security deposit refund.

Maid Service: Maid service varies by complex. Please check with front desk upon check-in for service provided.

Telephone: Long distance service options are provided to you upon check-in.

Parking: Parking is available at each rental location. Some complexes limit parking to one vehicle per unit.

Lost/Found: Management is not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind. All items left behind by any and all guests are the sole responsibility of the guest. If you feel that you may have left an item behind, please call the lodging company so that they can search for it. If your item is found, they will return it to you for the price of postage plus a handling surcharge. All items not called about or claimed within 2 weeks will be donated to a local charity.


Rental/Activity Companies

Payment Terms: Payment in full is required at time of booking your reservation.

Cancellation Terms: A full refund may be made if a cancellation request is made 72 hours prior to activity/rental date (may be longer for groups or for certain products as detailed on the appropriate page of the website or on your confirmation documentation), except aty an absolute minimum a 3.5% per transaction fee for any monies charged and/or refunded to cover credit card processing fees, any outstanding balance will not be charged. If reservation is cancelled within 72 hours of activity/rental date, all monies are forfeited, regardless of reason for cancellation. (Some companies may have more lenient cancellation terms and they will be stated with your confirmation (email/phone/mail).

Damage: All damage caused to rental/activity equipment is chargeable by the rental/activity company unless their damage waivers/insurance are taken out at the time of rental.

Personal Injury: Personal injury occuring whilst pursuing activities or using rental equiment is not the liability of The Mountains USA or the activity/rental companies as detailed in the waiver forms required by each rental/activity agency and completed before the activity/rental is performed. rss feed icon
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