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Who we are/what we do... :

At The Mountains USA we pride ourselves in being a service operated by REAL PEOPLE! We live and work in "The Mountains". We are specialists in providing the best possible reservations service, advice, information, assistance and planning to make your vacation the best it can possibly be. We know the area, we know the properties, we know the locations, we know the resorts, we know how to make your vacation special.

The Mega sites are fine to book a flight and a hotel room (we use them for that too!), but they can't come close to the local knowledge that is needed to make a ski vacation special. Do you really want to trust an automatic engine or a help center in India to make your ski vacation detail plans?

Location is all important. Some definitions of "Ski in - Ski out" mean that your condo complex is within 250 yards of the lift or trail. If you are in ski boots carrying your own gear and your 5 year old uphill.... that can be a loooong way. I guess what we are saying is "Buyer Beware!" We are here in the mountains - you can come in and see us - try that with the Mega sites!!! We go and visit the properties, and yes, often in ski boots! We try out all of the different companies. We know their strengths and weaknesses. Their check-in locations, their additional fees and surcharges, their policies and procedures, their reputations, their staff, their record, their ability to handle problems when they arise... all of the things that make a difference!

We work for YOU!!! We will actively seek out the best solution to fit all of your needs. Sometimes that may be price, sometimes that may be location, sometimes that may be facilities or amenities, sometimes it will be plain old fashioned luxury! We use many resources, not just "online searches" - they have their place - but some deals can only be made with personal contact. The detail property and company knowledge that we have, allows us to better tailor a package to meet your specific needs. An online search cannot negotiate for you, cannot shop all of the deals that are available but not published to the engines. True, occasionally they will have a "clearance" priced product, but just remember it is "Clearance Priced" for a reason! Similarly, you may find a "deal" direct from an owner - just wonder what happens when the boiler goes out at 8pm on a Sunday night and its 20 below outside... was it really worth saving the few $$$'s then?

At no additional cost...
When we find what you are looking for, at the best possible price, we then charge you nothing for our services! You pay through us exactly what you would pay (or sometimes less) than if you did all of the work yourself and booked it direct. As a "wholesaler", we charge you the exact same total that you would be charged direct (with all discounts applied), but because of our volume of reservations we command a small supplementary discount on all reservations which allows us to offer you this service - at no additional cost. In many cases we will actually offer additional discounts and special offers or free gifts to our clients that you cannot access by booking direct!

What are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose!
Give us a try - you will not be disappointed!!! rss feed icon
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